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File Folder Icon

The file folder icon was our big Fireworks assignment for Thomas. It was extremely frustrating, but fairly easy because we had the tutorial to go by.

I didn’t really like the way the tutorial’s images were and some of the directions didn’t really make sense. I had to read over them a few times just in order to draw one little box / rectangle.  Even though the directions were a little frustrating to follow, I also had to face the fact that my folder would not be completely perfect, which didn’t suit well with me since I am a perfectionist. I tried making mine EXACTLY like his, but after a while I realized that that wasn’t going to happen. In the end though, it looked really great and I am very proud of myself.

I was happy that it didn’t take very long to do. From the time I started to the time I finished only an hour and a half had passed by.  Which I thought it would take me longer since I kept trying to make it perfect. It also took me a while to learn the tools and how to use them correctly, especially skew. When I wanted it to do one thing, I wouldn’t move the correct place, which caused me to have to push CTRL + Z and redo it a couple times.

The tips given in the tutorial about hiding and locking layers literally saved my life! I was so happy to have that little insight, because even working on the correct layer, I would accidentally click something or move something on accident.

Though this assignment was a little frustrating,  I made it a little worse than it probably was because I was just ready to have it finished. Because I have messed with Adobe Photoshop before for EAST stuff, I am used to doing a lot of little detailed things that could take time. I guess it being Fireworks and this is actually for a grade, it was a little different. So I guess overall I am very proud of my work on this assignment and I am happy that I did it!

Folder icon made in Adobe Fireworks.

Folder icon made in Adobe Fireworks.