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Newspaper Bridge

On February 9th, Cheryl made us do this activity where we had to build a bridge out of newspaper. My team and I were very anxious to build the best bridge and win the challenge, because we haven’t won yet.

For our bridge, I was the one that came up with the original idea, but I wouldn’t say that I was the leader. Everyone pretty much contributed to the design of the bridge adding and taking away thoughts and ideas to make it better.

Our goal was to break up the tasks so that we all had some contribution to the building of the bridge. If I had to say who a leader was, it was definitely Lily. She is the one who started bouncing off the ideas that I had and got input from the rest of us. It was definitely a team effort and she was a great leader.

Even though we didn’t win (because we didn’t have the longest bridge), our bridge did however pass both tests for height and lasting with one, two, and three water bottles on them. We were very proud and we are just more ambitious than ever now to win so we can get the IT Amber trophy! 🙂


newspaper bridge

Amber Alert’s newspaper bridge.