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Spreadsheet Assignment 2 Reflection

Spreadsheet Assignment 2 This spreadsheet assignment was WAYYYY harder for me than the first one. I decided to use the data collected from my EAST project’s web portal to show different information about the HRCCL EAST program and my students’ progress. I had a lot of data to manipulate and summarize, and it was very […]

Usability Testing

Usability testing is done for very good reasons–such as, that it helps the developers of the website to know if their website is accessible and navigable. Some observations that I noticed yesterday while watching the usability test is that it is a very formal process, which it should be. It was also nice to hear […]

Spreadsheet Assignment 1 Reflection

Click here to view Spreadsheet Assignment 1 For our first spreadsheet assignment I created some data about credit cards. I then manipulated it to make it easier to read because with 500 rows of data it can be hard to read it and understand what has been collected. That is why I used conditional formatting and […]

Website Evaluation

One website that I frequent is This website is the online portal for my EAST program that I run at the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library.  It was developed by B.J. Hansen. Structure:  This website is very structured. Each page is easily accessible through the menu buttons at the top. It is easily navigable […]

Power Searching with Google

After taking the power searching class, there are five new tips and tricks that I learned to help me become more Google efficient. 1.) The Ctrl-F function. This tool was designed to help your find certain text in a very long document. This function is extremely useful when I am doing homework or my EAST […]

Reflection on Active Listening: A Case Study

Click Here: Active Listening Case Study After reading this case study I began to realize how important active listening really is. It can actually make or break relationships–personal or professional. I always knew that you should provide feedback when listening, but little things such as, repeating the speakers words back to clarify your understanding helps […]

My Favorite Web-Based Service

I know I am not the only one who loves Google, but I do and it is definitely my favorite web-based service. Not only can you use the search engine to find hundreds of things related to the topic that you searched, but you can use some amazing tools that Google has developed. These tools […]

You May Be Surprised Video

After watching the video, I noticed that while I may notice something, I do not pay attention to every little detail, because I get distracted by something else. While watching the video, I counted 13 passes and did see the gorilla enter into the shot. But I did not pay attention to what he did […]

A Little About Me

Here is a slideshow that I created just to give you some insight about me and my life. [googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/d/1WpPyxdcSh4y19ExKNVXwOZDa7bj7OoGD6WBjZCpX_do/embed” query=”start=false&loop=false&delayms=10000″ width=”960″ height=”569″ /]

Time Management Activity

My group did really well in this activity. We came up with a terrific plan to help us make sure that we finished the activity in the time that we said. We said that we could do all of this in two minutes–but we were not striving for two minutes, we wanted it to be […]

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